1956 Ford Power window main relay

Here is a rebuilt power window main relay for 1956-1960 Ford Passenger car and Tbird. Used for both power window and power seat.

$250 only 1 in stock

1957 Ford Passenger car period correctelectric wiper conversion

Here is a period correct electric wiper motor for your 1957 Ford car. The only option in 57 was vacuum, which fail constantly. Replace it with one of these for a reliable motor that keeps your car looking original and period correct.


1959 Ford Skyliner/Convertible Top Switch

Here is a top switch for the 1959 Ford skylinersand convertibles. Will also fit 59 Edsel Convertible. Brand new knob and switch. 

$250to buy knob and switch

$125 to buy the switch only, no top knob.

NEW 1957 - 1959 Ford Skyliner Retractable Top SolenoidS

Here are brand new exact reproduction top solenoidsfor your skyliner. Beautiful condition. READY TO USE FOR YOUR SHOW CAR!!! PURCHASE IS FOR SOLENOIDS ONLY.

$400 For all 10 solenoids

$50 For 1 solenoid

1958 Ford Eaton Power Steering Pump

Here is a rebuilt power steering pump for your early FE. Will fit several years. Complete your classic with the correct original look.


1967 - 1970 Mustang Electric Trunk Release

Here is a power trunk release to replace the old worn out cable release or standard release on your mustang. Made 100% in USA. Great product that will last forever. Just remove your old latch and install this one, very easy to do.


1968 - 1971 Ford NOS Autronic Eye sensor

These sensors were used 68-71 in Fords, Tbirds, and Lincolns. Available in black or chrome.


1957- 1959 Ford Skyliner Top motor

Here is a top motor that will fit 1957 1958 1959 Ford skyliners.

$295to buy motor 

$150 to rebuild your motor

1959 Ford NOS TOP Switch Handle

Here is an NOS Ford Skyliner and Sunliner TOP switch handle. Beautiful condition. READY TO USE FOR YOUR SHOW CAR!!!

$400 ONLY 1 in STOCK!!!

1959 Ford Electric wiper motor Switch

Here is a wiper motor switch. Fully rebuilt and functioning. 2 speeds with return. 

$125to buy switch

1959 Ford accessory Electric wiper motor also 59 Edsel

These were an option you could add in 1959. 59 was the first year for Ford passenger cars to have electric wipers.

Currently in stock!!!  $400

Rebuild your wiper motor:$250

1975 lincoln door lock knob 

As pictures

$125 per set



Fully rebuilt