Edsel shifter motor rebuild

This is for the rebuild of your teletouch motor. You will ship your motor to us, and we will go through and rebuild the entire motor, including it's wiring loom.

Service takes about 2-4 weeks. Usual is 10 days from the day the motor arrives.

$250Cost to rebuild your motor

$500cost for rebuilt motor

    1956                   1957                   1958                 1959/60                 1961

1957- 1959 Ford Skyliner Top motor

Here is a top motor that will fit 1957 1958 1959 Ford skyliners.


$125 to rebuild your motor


Headlight Switch Rebuild Service

We rebuild headlight switches and bring them back to original functioning condition.


1959 Ford & Edsel accessory Electric wiper motor

These were an option you could add in 1959. 59 was the first year for Ford passenger cars to have electric wipers.

Rebuild your wiper motor:$250

These optional trunk pull down motors are some of the rarest options available for your Cadillac. Here at PTO we rebuild these motors to bring them back to original functioning condition.
We have them available to buy from time to time, please contact us for availability as they usually sell right away.

$250 Cost to rebuild your unit.

Edsel teletouch relay Rebuild

This is for the rebuild of your relays.
Service time: 1 week

$100cost to rebuild your relays

$225cost to buy rebuild relays