1959 Cadillac Tri Power Fuel Line Pipe Fittings

These are the brass fittings that were used on the tripower equipped 59/60 Cadillacs. These are impossible to find, especially the first two. From let to right:

Front Carburetor Tee:                              $200

Fuel Filter Tee:                                          $200

Rear Carburetor Fitting:                           $50

Middle Carburetor 90 degree fitting:    $50

    1956                   1957                   1958                 1959/60                 1961

Headlight Switch Rebuild Service

We rebuild headlight switches and bring them back to original functioning condition.


These optional trunk pull down motors are some of the rarest options available for your Cadillac. Here at PTO we rebuild these motors to bring them back to original functioning condition.
We have them available to buy from time to time, please contact us for availability as they usually sell right away.

$250 Cost to rebuild your unit.

1959 Cadillac Tri Power Fuel Line Setup

This is a complete tripower fuel line setup for the 59/60 Cadillacs that had the 3X2 Carbs. It has all the brass fittings and tees. 


1959 Cadillac Electric Trunk Release Latch

This is a reproduction electric trunk latch for 1959/60 Cadillac. It will mount will 2 bolts and will look completely original when mounted. Will also fit Buick and other vehicles.


1956 Cadillac trunk motor
1957 Cadillac trunk Motor
1958 Cadillac Trunk motor
1959 Cadillac trunk motor
1960 Cadillac trunk motor

1956 Cadillac trunk Pull down

1957 Cadillac trunk pull down

1958 Cadillac Trunk pull down

1959 Cadillac trunk pull down

1960 cadillac trunk pull down

1959 Cadillac Tri power

1960 Cadillac Tri power